Friday, March 25, 2016

How to make Easter rice cakes

STEP ONE: Break into small pieces 300g of milk chocolate and place in medium glass bowl.


STEP TWO: Add one large knob of butter to the chocolate mix. Doesn't matter if its salted or unsalted.

STEP THREE: Add one large tablespoon of Golden Syrup to chocolate mix.
STEP FOUR: Place the bowl over a saucepan of hot water, simmer on a very low heat until everything has melted.
look at the goodness, a heart attack in a bowl. 
STEP FIVE : Once everything has fully melted remove bowl from heat and add in a small bowl of rice crispy cereal.
Don't knock the bowl over arrrrr.

Give it all a good mix and of course lick the spoon, its the best part!
STEP SIX: Put some cake things on a plate, my mind has gone blank what are they call???
Spoon mix into cake things!! Oh come on what is the name, no still nothing.
STEP SEVEN: Decorate how you like.
 One for me to eat and one for the cake.

Take a rest and admire the work.
Put the cakes in the fridge for an hour or so to set the chocolate.
STEP EIGHT: The horrible bit

Presented by Little Man

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bucket and spade day again

Its half five, I've just knocked my tea back and I'm totally done in after day two on the beach ha ha. Little man is snoring away and I'm not far behind I think. 
We went to the other end of the beach today by the dock yard. It was choker with dogs having a walk and playing ball. Little man loved it, patting all the woofers.
They have this great big old bus on the beach, which has been made into a little café. There's loads of chairs and tables on the open roof bit, so you can have a bite to eat whilst looking at the view.
Here's little man getting brave in the distance, running after his ball.
This scooter does some miles.
It was getting late and we needed to get the bus before it stopped running,so we popped into the boat yard for a cup of tea, whist we waited. I wanted to go and see the boats moored up but time had escaped me and we were all getting tired, so that can keep for another day.
Never been in the tea room before, it was alright nothing stellar.

Wonderful view of the clapped out tractor!

We fed the ducks with some left over bread I found. Before we hit the beach. I haven't seen a red telephone box in years.

Time to chill and see what's on TV, bye everyone.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Few hours at the beach

Had a lovely time at the beach today, look what I found, spring is here at last.

It was such a dark and overcast day but we had fun all the same. We just timed it right, the sea had only gone out. 
We had a walk along the pier to de-thaw after our sand castle building session.
The big wheels been put back up for the Easter weekend, might take little fella on it after work.
Little man took his scooter today, so he was up and down that pier like the Flash.



My god a bit of life.