Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back from a blogging break

Had a break from blogging for a bit, just wanted to chill out with the family for the last few weeks of the summer holidays.
Sometimes I just love to switch off all the technology and be in the moment. Living without phones bleeping and feeling like I have to photo and document everything is such a nice feeling. Oh and the most important one of all, work can't contact me haha. Hang on I thought of another one, checking facebook every five seconds to see what I haven't missed.
Anyway we've had a great summer together, I will be sad to see it gone. Every time I  see someone I get the same response, bet your glad little man is going back to school, summer holidays are too long/boring/expensive. I couldn't disagree more, we always have a great time together, were quite happy just chilling on the beach or taking a picnic to the park. You don't have to spend money to have fun.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trip to the point

Took a trip to the point today on the open roofed bus. Haven't been down there in ages, so thought it would somewhere different to visit. 

It's one of those beaches which are great for treasure hunting, little man is in his element, bucket in hand, head down scouring the beach floor. Loads of drift wood, shells, bits and bobs wash up.
Here's big man doing a spot of beach art.

Little man copying his dad, bless him.

The beach is always packed with dogs and horses trotting about.

Something tells me he's happy.

Cute little rat on stilts, loving his ball.

Great windy day for kite flying.

Horses were letting rip today, you could tell they were loving it. 

Look a flying horse, well I never.


The sea was choppy today, waves crashing non stop. You'd have to be brave to take in dip in there.

We were going to take the cliff path along the coast but its pretty treacherous at the best of times and with the weather, we gave it a miss, didn't want little man taking a nose dive over the side.

We stayed a good few hours but the weather was on the turn, so made a quick exit.

Me wind swept, cold and ready to head home, Oh and in need of a hot coffee.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chill out day

Back on the beach today, we've travelled a lot this week for our days out, so were all knackered. Needed a chill out day.
My husband joined us today, I think he was trying to escape.
Get back you must be tortured like the rest of us parents on summer holidays!!
Little man tried but couldn't beat his dad.
My work of art.
The good old scooter hanging in there with all those miles its done. 
Think we need some more beach shoes.
It was a nippy day so these chips definitely hit the spot and warmed us up.
Me looking wind swept and rather fat faced from eating to many chips.
We were frozen after our sand session, so popped into the boat yard café for a cuppa, before catching the bus home.
Its right next to a cliff face, so they used the wall for the cafe construction.

We were running out of funds so shared a raspberry short cake between us, it was gorgeous.

Time for home, put our feet up.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Retro cafe

Hung out in this great little café the other day. It has loads of free retro arcade games to play, it reminded me of my childhood, the pre x-box years. I don't let little man play computers and ipads at home, I think he's to young. So it was a nice treat for him.

He loves music, couldn't get him off this duke box.

I like the way they used the old computers to make tables and the stools changed colour every few minutes.
They had a 1950's booth you could sit in and have a coffee and lots of retro couches to chill on. Its a great place just to meet up with friends.
Let little man burn some energy off then caught the train home.