Friday, February 19, 2016

More pannncakesssss

MMMMMMmmmmmm chocolate chip pannnncakesssss this time.

Pancake fetish

I seem to be having a pancake fetish at the moment, can't stop eating them. Look at these bad boys I found at the supermarket, extra large ones for my extra large gob.

Went to little fella's reading club this morning, here's his latest creation. It's a shame really not many people take their kids and its a good little club.
I've got an hour before dinner so thought I'd start finishing off the last bit of decorating. I've given up on asking my partner to help. He's not a DIY person and no matter what I say, nothing is going to make him pull his finger out, so I've decided to plough on with it on my own. I have given myself 2 weeks to get it all done. Then I can sit back in peace and I'm going to have a massive glass of wine, I'll need it.

I couldn't be bothered to walk to the shops today so took the bus. Little man was picking his nose and looking for snails at the bus stop, so I took a sec to take some photo's. It was a beautiful sunny day but bitter cold.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Retro Fox Bargain

Went to the Chinese super market today and stocked up on some goodies. Can't live without this place, I love it. Always something new to try. I decided on liquorice and orange dried plums this time around, I can say they are certainly an acquired taste haha. 

Beautiful day today, I can see the hill's now the leaves have fallen.

I love tulips so picked up a red bunch for myself since its Valentines.

Had a mooch round the shops and found this fab fox on sale for one pound. Couldn't believe it, I snapped him up.

The fox theme seems to be everywhere at the moment in home style mags.

My valentines card for big man.

 Little man's contribution for this post.

Found this gorgeous little owl on the pavement, think it was a bag charm, must have fallen off someone. Need to find a home for him!

Been reading my Style at Home mag this evening. I love plants and flowers around my place. I like my home to be an extension of the garden, find it really relaxing. Think I'm an inner tree hugger or leaf hugger.

My kind of colours.

Whilst I write this its late into the evening. Its bitter cold out so we've whacked up the heating, stuck some candles on and tucked ourselves into bed. mmmmmm wish I'd made a hot chocolate now, but no way is my ass getting out of my warm pit now.

Goodnight everyone!
Keep toastie

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

City day out

Had a bus ride into the city today, visited the museum. Its such a lovely building to walk round, wasn't to busy today so extra nice.

 Little fella loved this caravan, he was up and down those stairs like a yo yo.

We had a few nervous lip wobbles, when we came across this bad boy.
Little man wanted to feed the ducks bread.
But we got mobbed with sky rats.
Hello bird man.
Its such a lovely area by the museum, I'd love to come back on my own and take some proper photos. On a family day out, I want to be in the moment enjoying our time together so can't really stand about taking the perfect picture. Next free session I get I'm going back. 

Happy Pancake Day

Happy Pancake Day everyone!
Unfortunately there is no pretty pictures of our pancakes, soon as there cooked the mouth shovelling begins. I'm like the Cookie Monster for pancakes.
I'm a sugar and lemon kind of girl.

We only ever have pancakes once a year, I don't know why, forgot how gorgeous they are.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fun day out on the pier

Since we were stuck in yesterday because of the storm, thought we deserved a trip out to burn some energy off. So we had a family afternoon on the pier.
Little fella loves the play centre, ok and so do I! weeeeeeeeee
Shooting mummy with balls, they don't half hurt, ouch.
Bottom bits all gaming machines.

Here's me trying to take a selfie, its tragic.
Here's some photos took on the lookout bit.

Still some storm clouds about.
They have some great street art around the town, met this fella today, runnnnnnnnn for it.