Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hubby crafts too

Hubby's been hard at work this week, modeling instead of house decorating may I add. What were those famous last words I heard 2 months ago, oh yes......... the living room will be finished before Christmas I promise :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I found Santa

I caught you Santa! Found this painted on a pub garage by us, thought it was funny. That's the pub cat, you can see him wondering in and out of the pub on most days. 

Little fella is full of cold today and I'm not feeling top notch either. Its such a bitter day outside I decided to stay in and keep by the fire.


We've been raiding all his toy boxes. He can spend hours building stuff, he loves it.



Just had our dinner and he's past out, yeah a bit of peace. My blanket is coming along. I'm quite pleased with it. Hope I have enough wool to finish. Sorry about the blurry photos, the blinds are down.

Have you seen that coffee advert where they give you loads of ideas on what to do with your coffee jar instead of chucking it. Well I tried this out for Christmas.

Fairy Lights.


Here's big fella, looks like he's in a brothel with all this red light going on.

Not to sure about the lights in a jar. They look ok, wonder if I should put some tinsel in there. 

Hello Kenya, China, India and France

Hello to all these new people from far flung places who have stumbled upon me. wow I'm really travelling now.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Up-cycled Christmas Decoration

I was walking past someones recycling bin yesterday and found this lovely Christmas sign poking out of it. Yes I'm afraid I'm one of those people! When walking past a skip, I stick my nose over the edge to see if there is something for nothing I could up-cycle. The things I have found would blow your mind, people are so wasteful. 

The original colour was a dark depressing dirty red.

and here's after I piled on the gold paint and glitter, I think it looks quite good now.

Don't you just love the gold stuff.

Glitter Mas everyone!

Just have to decided where to put it now.

Friday, November 13, 2015

New camera photos- Part three

Ok even I'm getting bored of allotment photos, last ones for awhile I promise.

My my what big ones you have, now that's just being greedy.

Spot the hobbit and win a prize.

Knock down your corn, build it they will come!

Hello Denmark

Hello to my first person from Denmark, thanks for dropping in :)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hello Germany

Hang on I have another person, Hello Germany! quick let me find a map. Lets see how many others this evening haha.

Hello Ukraine, Turkey and Italy

I'm doing well this week more new people. Hello Ukraine, Turkey and Italy, hope your having a nice day. It still amazes me how you can reach the world.

I wonder how many of these beautiful places I will get to visit. I hope all of them!

Hello to Brazil, Algeria and Spain

Wow I have my first people visiting from Brazil, Algeria and Spain, thanks for stopping by.

And thank you to all the people from the United States and United Kingdom as well, who regularly pop by.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New crochet project

I've been plowing away at a new blanket for little fella this past week.

Sorry about the rushed photos, big man and little fella have just nipped out to the shop for some bread and milk, so I've only got a quick free 5 Min's haha. You know how family life is!

What a rumpled bed spread, you can tell I'm not a good home maker haha (lifes to short).

I didn't want a square afghan this time. Little man is getting a new bed soon so I wanted my blanket to fit the full length. 

I first crocheted seven blue squares (just one round) then sewed them all together and hopefully that will give me the length.


I used a 3.75mm hook and double knit wool.

Now winter is finally here, I want to really crack on with my crafting. During summer time I just I can't be bothered, all I want to do is soak up the sun. I have build up tonnes of projects which are cluttering up the place, its terrible, time to get crafting.