Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Crochet Blanket

I took a break from crochet for awhile but now I'm back with a new, very brightly coloured blanket.

I started off making 6 granny squares, each square has a middle of 3 rounds in one colour then I swapped colour and did one more round. Then sewed the 6 squares in a row.

Using the same granny stitch, I crocheted all around the 6 squares. I did 6 rounds in different colours.
 I made 26 new granny squares sewed them round the blanket again and then repeated the granny stitch border, until I'd done 6 more rounds. 
Just need to keep going now and make it a bit bigger.
Little man is playing with his best mate chewy, so thought I'd crack on with making some more squares.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weymouth Harbour

 I love cactus's, found this great little display in a garden centre. 

Conker season must be close, the pods were everywhere.

Had a walk around Weymouth Harbour. I've picked my boat out.


We had a quick visited to Portland light house. Would have loved to pop in but the place was closed for maintenance.
To prove you have visited the place the tradition is to pick a Portland stone up and place it somewhere on the stone tower. My partner is really tall so his stone is the one right at the top.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

At the cove

In the evening we'd take a walk after tea to the Cove. Here's my big man trying to catch crabs. I'm glad there was a supermarket near by I would have starved to death.

The Cove was really popular with dog walker's and I managed to get these snaps of a dog in the distance, he was such a friendly thing.
After an hour of freezing on the jetty, he looks like giving up.
I think these two have more chance of catching crabs.
I need an operation on my foot but when I'm better, I'm having a go on these bad boys. Looks so much fun, they had loads of water sports you could do.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rabbits Rabbits everywhere

Every morning we would hear little rabbits under our caravan, looking for food and playing, they were so cute.

There were so many babies about, you could go right up to them and they wouldn't even flicker, so tame.

It was so nice to be in the middle of no where, all you could hear was the sea in the distance and birds tweeting. Makes a change from the traffic blaring.

I bet there was a thousand little bunny eyes watching us in those bushes haha.

Took little man to feed the ducks and swans.