Friday, March 10, 2017

Crochet - Back panel of mandala

Everyone is asleep early, so I had the rare privilege of watching what I wanted on the telly and I threw in a spot of crocheting as well.
I'm back on the mandala.

Most people I talk to hate sewing in all the ends but I'm a freak and love it. I find it quite relaxing.

I loved watching the Great British Throwdown last year. So happy to discover it was back on after some channel hopping.

Didn't take me long tidying up the loose ends, so I made a start on the back panel. Found this big ball of pink wool which I thought would look good with the coloured rounds.

Seeing if it fits, nearly!

I did the panel in a simple triple crochet stitch.

I just need to pop to the shops and hunt round for some circular cushion pads. Then I'll start putting it all together. I'm not sure if I'm going to use a zip or buttons. I want to be able to take it off and wash the cover, I'll have to see.

Some projects are a bit of a chore but I really enjoyed this, feeling happy with how its turning out.

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